When the heat of summer hits, nothing revives your spirits like a tall glass of ice-cold brew. Dive into the tantalizing world of Happyfrappi, your ultimate destination for a remarkable coffee experience. With a mesmerizing array of flavors, Happyfrappi's coffee blends are here to elevate your cold brew game. From the vibrant and fruity Ethiopian Light Medium Roast to the intense and sultry Italian Very Dark Roast, each brew has its own unique charm. This article is your passport to crafting exquisite cold brews that will have you savoring the essence of summer in every sip.

1. Early Bird: Ethiopian Light Medium Roast

Sunrise Euphoria Cold Brew

Start your day with a burst of brilliance! Combine 1 cup of finely ground Early Bird coffee with 4 cups of icy cold water and let it steep in your fridge for a luxurious 12-24 hours. Strain and serve this liquid gold over a cascade of ice, infusing it with a velvety swirl of cream and a gentle drizzle of pure, golden honey. Watch as your taste buds awaken with the sunrise.

2. Roast N' Roll: Costa Rican Medium Roast

Costa Rican Caramel Bliss Cold Brew

Indulge in the sweet symphony of Costa Rica. Take 1 cup of Roast N' Roll coffee grounds and blend them with 4 cups of cold water, allowing it to steep for a lavish 18-24 hours. As you strain it, pour this luscious elixir over ice and crown it with a decadent dollop of caramel syrup, followed by a fragrant sprinkle of ground cinnamon. It's a journey to caramel-coated heaven in every sip.

3. Harmony: Brazilian Medium Roast

Samba Serenade Cold Brew

Transport yourself to the vibrant heart of Brazil. Combine 1 cup of Harmony coffee with 4 cups of cold water and let it groove in your fridge for 12-18 hours. Strain and serve this tropical delight over ice, with a generous splash of creamy coconut milk and a juicy wedge of fresh, zesty orange. Let the carnival of flavors dance on your palate.

4. Euphoria: Colombian Medium Roast

Colombian Cocoa Infusion Cold Brew

Embark on a cocoa-infused journey through the lush valleys of Colombia. Mix 1 cup of Euphoria coffee grounds with 4 cups of cold water and let it infuse for a seductive 16-20 hours. As you strain, pour it over ice, where it meets a swirl of velvety chocolate syrup and a cloud of frothy whipped cream. This is pure coffee euphoria with a cocoa kiss.

5. French Kiss: French Medium Dark Roast

French Chocolate Temptation Cold Brew

Indulge in the alluring charm of French coffee culture. Combine 1 cup of French Kiss coffee with 4 cups of cold water and let it linger for 14-18 hours. Strain and serve this decadent elixir over ice, elevating it with a shot of rich chocolate liqueur and a sinful dusting of cocoa powder. It's a rendezvous with French indulgence.

6. Dark Matter: Italian Very Dark Roast

Intensely Black Cold Brew

For the connoisseurs of darkness. Blend 1 cup of Dark Matter coffee grounds with 4 cups of cold water and let it steep for an audacious 20-24 hours. Strain it over ice and savor the untamed, unadulterated essence of coffee, as dark as midnight itself.

7. Midnight Espresso: Italian Dark Roast

Espresso Elegance Cold Brew

Elevate your summer with the sophistication of Italian espresso. Mix 1 cup of Midnight Espresso coffee with 4 cups of cold water and steep for 18-22 hours. Strain and serve it over ice, with a gentle touch of simple syrup and a twist of zesty lemon. It's espresso, redefined and chilled for your pleasure.

8. Chocolate Macadamia: Colombian Medium Roast Decaf Coffee

Decaf Delight Cold Brew

For those seeking caffeine-free indulgence. Combine 1 cup of Chocolate Macadamia coffee grounds with 4 cups of cold water and let it rest for 12-16 hours. Strain and pour over ice, complemented by a velvety drizzle of caramel and a delightful sprinkle of crushed macadamia nuts. It's a decaf delight that doesn't compromise on flavor.

9. Cookies N' Cream: Colombian Medium Roast Decaf Coffee

Cookies N' Cream Dream Cold Brew

Satisfy your sweet cravings without the caffeine. Mix 1 cup of Cookies N' Cream coffee with 4 cups of cold water, letting it dream away for 14-18 hours. Strain and serve over ice, crowned with a heavenly swirl of whipped cream and a generous scattering of crushed chocolate cookies. It's a dreamy dessert in a glass.